Thursday, November 1, 2012

My First

My first post on my first blog. I had never imagined I would be a blogger; for a long time I never even followed blogs. Then I had some friends that were blogging, so I started reading theirs. Then I found more blogs I liked and soon I decided it would be a really great place for me to not only journal this journey I'm on so maybe I could remember all these wonderful little snippets of life that are racing by so fast I can barely keep up, but also a place for me to share all the crafts, Pins, house projects and cooking adventures I take on.....because it's too good not to share =)

For my first post I wanted to share my feelings of adding a new addition to our family.
As we counted down the days until our second child was born I found myself in a constant state of worry. I believe on most days we have been the parents we strived to be to our then 2 1/2 year old son. We have given him enormous amounts of attention (sometimes probably too much), we have given him boundaries but have also given him choice and freedom. And we have given him unconditional love. He has been our number one guy, and in return he has given us so much joy and laughs and of course much frustration, but even on the hard days I look at him and I know we are doing something right. I wanted to give all of those things to our second child too. I couldn't imagine how I could give myself wholly to two kids the way I had to our first. How on earth could my heart be filled any more? Something would have to give. And then she came. She was beautiful and perfect, and my heart was filled more.

I also had to adjust. I give all of my heart to my two kids, but I've accepted I can't give all of my attention and time to both of them all of the time. But I can give them loads of quality time. They have adjusted too. Our son has taken it all in stride. I angst over how he would handle it all. Losing his spotlight, having to share his parents, competing with a newborn. Turns out, he's better at sharing than I gave him credit for. Turns out, sometimes I don't need to worry so much. Yeah, tell my mother that. She's the queen of worry...which is probably where I got it from.

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