Friday, July 26, 2013


Our families have many traditions. Christmas brunch with my husbands family. Easter egg hunts at his Aunt & Uncles. The guys Winter Camp Out, while the ladies hang out at the house and play games and watch movies.
One of my favorite traditions is my families Annual 4th of July Party. The day mostly consists of the men chilling out at the Range and the ladies relaxing on the dock at the pond until evening when we all congregate together around the bonfire and roast hot dogs and eat 20 different sides and desserts. Then we all gather together and watch the fireworks. Alas, over time, how this scenario plays out has changed a bit. My mom and I were chuckling about this at our most recent party.

My Fourth of July day used to be filled with the entire day laying out on the dock sun bathing until I got too hot and jumped off the dock to cool off, then I would float on an air mattress basking in the relaxation of a worry free day. Usually I would sun burn because I never put on enough sun screen. My nose is still freckled from the worse of these offenses. Finally around 4:30pm, we would stroll back to the house to get the food gathered up and take it down to the camp. We would roast our hot dogs and marshmallows, and fill our bellies until they were about to burst. Then we would set up our tents and hope that it didn't storm (because it ALWAYS storms on our 4th camp out). We would watch the fireworks then stay up until the wee hours of the night around the camp fire.

And then I had kids....this year getting to the dock was scheduled around naptime, so we got down there closer to 1:30pm. Suddenly sunscreen has become a top priority. To my pleasure, I don't believe I have sunburned since having kids. I now spend most of my time in the water, my legs never tan. In about an hour Little A was wore out. I look forward to when they are both older and will want to swim for hours. Daddy was nice enough to stay at the pond with Big A so he got to play for quite a bit longer. After a second nap we headed to the campsite for dinner. Daddy roasted hot dogs and I got Little A and Big A a plate of food, and after feeding Little A I managed to round up some food for myself. Luckily there is always so much great food that filling the belly is still never a problem. I handed out glow sticks to all the kids before the fireworks started and snuggled up with Little A while Big A sat in his Thomas the Train chair beside me. Daddy was helping set off the fireworks. About half way through the fireworks I think Big A was getting a bit worried about Daddy's whereabouts, and he called out - Dad!! I'm right here!!
We don't camp anymore, maybe when the kids are a little older. I don't stay up until the wee hours of the night, because Little A is up at the wee hours of the morning.

Fourth of July has definitely changed over the years, and sometimes I miss the carefree days of lounging on the dock, but I wouldn't trade these moments for anything. And I'll get to lounge on the dock again, I have no doubt, but for now I can't think of anything better than snuggling with my baby and watching the fireworks glow in my son's eyes.