Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bad Choices

Sometimes good people make bad choices...sometimes good toddlers make several bad choices in one night. Big A had one of those nights the other night.

We had just gotten home for the evening, I was getting stuff put away and getting Little A settled out of her car seat and Big A wandered off to the bathroom. He's been successfully potty trained for awhile so going to the bathroom by himself is not out of the norm, but I went to check on him after a couple minutes.

Now I should probably mention that we are in the process of remodeling our bathroom and specifically in the process of replacing our toilet. My husband had gotten the new toilet installed and it was leaking around the wax ring. I had bought a jumbo wax ring because we had tiled the floor which raised the floor up, but for some reason he had chosen to use the wax ring that had come with the new toilet - and then it leaked. I kindly suggested maybe he should use the jumbo wax ring I had purchased. So the previous night he had pulled the toilet back up and taken out the other wax ring but then lost motivation to finish the install and had left the new opened wax toilet ring on the counter.

So back to the current evening, I went to check on Big A and he was looking at the wax ring and asked me what it was. I explained it goes under the toilet and seals the toilet against the floor so it doesn't leak. And he says;

Oh, I thought it was a doughnut.
I take a closer look at the wax ring and realize he has taken a bite out of the ring....EWWWW!!!!!

He has spit out the piece he bit off, and I search the box for any warnings that may mention THIS IS NOT A DOUGHNUT DO NOT EAT, but alas I find none. So I figure except for the bad taste in his mouth he is probably okay. I proceed to lecture him on not eating something when he doesn't know what it is and PARTICULARLY not something he finds in the bathroom.

Fast forward to later in the evening. Big A is now downstairs and goes to use our other bathroom. I am in the process of doing laundry and I am carrying a load of laundry upstairs. While I am upstairs I hear him yell that he got something on his shirt.

As a parent, after your child has gone to the bathroom and then proceeds to tell you they got something on their shirt you immediately assume it is poop or pee and hope for the latter. But no; tonight, the night of bad choices, it is neither. I come down the stairs to find Big A at the bottom of the stairs with BLOOD dripping from him mouth! I of course freak out and am asking him what happened which scares him more than the blood. I then look in the bathroom and see husbands razor sitting on the vanity. Big A had tried to shave. SIGH.  I put a cold wash cloth on the cut which actually isn't too bad and calm myself down which calms him down. Big A then gets another talk on the dangers of sharp things like razors, and knives, and carrot peelers and anything else my husband and I can think of that he might consider picking up.

The bright side of this night is that since then Big A is now VERY aware of all of the sharp things in our house he is not supposed to touch. He will point at something on the kitchen counter and say;

That's something we don't play with isn't it?

So, at least he learned from his mistakes. And our toilet is fully installed and no longer leaks.

In other news, Big A also had his first Dentist appointment. He did so great and was an absolutely fantastic first patient. Momma was very proud.