Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Things Kids Say

One of the big things I wanted to make sure and try to record here was all the fantastic things our kids say. Those little things that I know we won't remember when we're older. I've already forgotten many and I sometimes just wish I had a little recorder so I could save the thought right there in the moment.
Here are a few of the fun things I have managed to remember or write down that Big A has spouted

Most of these have been said just out of the blue. I wonder sometimes what he must be thinking when these random thoughts come to him.

"I just want to be me when I grow up, I like the boy I am"

I'm not sure why my heart beamed when he told me this. I guess it makes me happy to know he likes who he is. I hope he continues to like who he is and never feels like he needs to be anyone else.

Other gems are just words he's not pronouncing right

Magic Flying Glass - (magnifying glass)
yeah, that one is awesome