Wednesday, February 6, 2013

boys will be boys

Our sons, whom I will refer to as Big A (our daughter being Little A), cracks us up on a daily basis. He loves to be funny, and he ESPECIALLY loves when we think he's funny. Like any typical boy he finds most boy things funny - farts, falling down while doing something silly, blowing bubbles in the bath tub, farts, making the dog bark, farts, did I mention farts??

While watching the Super Bowl, Big A was throwing our dogs bone. He had it in his hand and arched his hand back to throw it and our dog ran behind him and grabbed it out of his hand while he had it arched back. He thought this was hilarious, and we thought it was hilarious because he thought it was hilarious. I love how he makes things fun.

Big A is definitely all boy when it comes to showing any kind of affection. While he can be a snuggler, he does not like giving hugs - now hugs in the form of running, tackles are given out on a nightly basis, but it's really not the same. He wipes off all of our kisses. And he responds to our 'I love yous' in about the same way a non-committal boyfriend would - 'you too' - Husband has had talks about this with him. That he really needs to say 'I love you' back - sometimes he does.

Luckily, I know that he loves us. I know without a doubt when he tells me I'm funny, that he really means 'I love you'. Turns out I like fart jokes too.