Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Transformers vs Transformers

I love conversations with our four year old. There are so many little things he has said that I wish I had written down. There are so many things I have already forgotten.

I am making an attempt to capture more moments in time.

This conversations was one of those moments. It was one of the funniest mix-up of words he's probably ever had.  I was putting Big A to bed and we were having one of our little talks like we sometimes do at bedtime. The previous evening our electricity had gone out for a good portion of the night and I asked him if he had told anyone at preschool about the event.

Big A - yeah! And I told them about the robot catching on fire!

Me - huh? 

Big A - Dad said a robot caught on fire. 

Me - oh no, buddy, dad said a Transformer caught on fire. But it's not the kind of transformer you are thinking of.

Big A - oh, I was thinking like Optimus Prime.

I would love to be able to look in his little head and see the fantastic process he must have imagined in how our electricity works.
And I have to admit, it would be way cooler if our electricity came from a Transformer

 Rather than a Transformer